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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Holy Moses! - Franznap

In an email received from Rod this morning, there was casual mention of Franznap, a new figure manufacturer of whom I have never heard. It is possible, of course, that I am the only person in the world who doesn't know of them, but I checked them out.

The range is in its infancy, and the online shop is not running yet, but the website is certainly worth a serious look. 1/72 Napoleonics in metal or resin - the sculptor/proprietor is Francesco Messori, an Italian living in Amsterdam - an architect by profession.

Have a look and a drool. Come on chaps - we want this guy to be successful! - we want lots of these...


  1. Well I know about his range for some years now and so far beside a few good photos on the question of Germania what I think about the figures because he thought about taking over casting/selling last year nothing came forward.

    He has great figures, especially Neapolitanians in my mind. But so far I wasn't able to get them. Let's hope this will change soon...


    1. Well I know someone who has some of his plastic figures - I accept there are not many around, though.

  2. Interesting. Definately a chap to be borne in mind.

  3. Stunning sculpts, so well proportioned.

  4. Yes Uwe is right, it took at least 1/half year to develop my masters into a possible production, and i'm still not ready ..... The reason was that i had a big technical problems with my masters and had to spend a lot of effort to solve them; the other reason is that it took time to find producers which i found reliable enough.
    I hope i will have the first products within the year.
    Nobody has still any of my products but i gave away some test casts home made to some chaps indeed but not many....