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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Spanish Army - a Note from Mike Oliver

I received a comment to an older post from Mike Oliver, former UK distributor of Falcata, co-author (with Richard Partridge) of a number of excellent Napoleonic historical/wargaming publications, and all-round good egg. I've published Mike's comment in the appropriate place, but thought it was worth putting it in a little post of its own:


I used to sell Falcata figures in the UK when they first came on the market but the two guys who originated the range vanished from the scene and I was unable to contact them. I still owe them a few Euros if they want to get in touch. I still have some of the old boxes of 34 Spanish infantry but, sadly, could never obtain any cavalry.

I am a member of FEHME (Fora para el estudio del historia militaria de España) and have access to their database cataloguing the history of Spanish units (including those of new creation). I have made a study of the Spanish Army in the War of Inependence and have a large library of references, including uniform data.

Spanish uniforms after 1809 are not the easiest thing to determine; in fact, "uniform" is probably a misnomer. They were obtained from Britain, plundered French supply trains and local manufacture. Bueno's books are probably the best source material but are out of print and now cost a fortune.

If anyone would like assistance, please let me know at info@warmodelling.co.uk (I currently sell the Fantassin Warmodelling range of metal figures) and I'll try to help.


Mike Oliver

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