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Saturday, 19 May 2012

New Troops - Spanish Officers

To celebrate my release from eBay packing duties, I got the first six of my converted Spanish infantry officers finished while listening to the Champions League Final this evening. There are four mounted colleagues for them which are about half done, but all the rank & file of the six new units are still to come back from the painter, so I have a couple of days to get them done.

The chaps in the picture were originally Art Miniaturen Dutch-Belgians, and they now have various new hats and heads attached. I'm pleased with them - something very satisfying about non-catalogue figures in your army.


  1. And very nice they are too!!!

  2. Nice work, Foy old chap. They look like they were bought off the shelf!

  3. It is good to have some unique figures, especially when tey look as fine as these. I particularly like the closest officer in shako. He has a certain Spanish air, a whatever-the Spanish-equivalent of "je ne sais quois" is, about him. a Don for sure.

  4. Thank you gentlemen - you are very kind. The units soon to be joining my Spanish army are my version of Morillo's division from 1812-13 - Regts of Leon, Bailen, La Union, 2nd Mallorca, Voluntarios de la Victoria and the Legion Extremena - these last two are light infantry. They will also need a foot battery, and I still have to recruit some regular cavalry for them.

    1. I have some joining my Dutch forces shortly.