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Friday, 4 May 2012

ECW - Yet more figure comparisons

Still my investigations continue into which figures will work with my principal choice of Les Higgins as maker of my 20mm ECW armies. Progress has been a bit ponderous, because of my own lack of organisation. At last I have samples from Tumbling Dice, who were very helpful and quick once I had got around to emailing them.

So here is yet another strange green picture with unpainted figures. My conclusions to date are:

* Les Higgins are still the standard for my armies, by reason of affection and long-held ambition.
* Hinton Hunt are compatible, near enough.
* SHQ/Kennington - foot figures are nice, but a bit chunky to mix in - self-contained units probably OK. This was a bit disappointing, because I had hoped to be able to use SHQ foot command figures in Higgins units, but I'm not so comfortable about that now. SHQ cavalry are a good match with Higgins - no problems there - in fact Higgins riders on SHQ horses look good as well.
* Tumbling Dice - foot figures are similar in stature to SHQ - not quite so beefy - I am optimistic about being able to mix TD infantry figures in with Higgins units. This was a surprise, since I had expected them to be bigger. Cavalry are an excellent match, though the horses are bigger than both SHQ and Higgins. TD riders on SHQ horses also work OK.
* Art Miniaturen - they are lovely, but too big in this context.
* S-Range Minifigs - they have a charm of their own, but next to the Higgins figures they are big-headed and their physique looks wrong and, of course, they are armed with telegraph poles.
* Plastics - a lot of nice stuff out there, but in general they are too big to match - I'm keeping an open mind.

I hope to get as far as actually painting a trial unit in a week or three, and there is talk of some visiting armies coming for a VwQ game.

In my reading, I'm still looking for a regional context for my own ECW - I'm currently interested in Lancashire in 1644. I may have changed my mind in a couple of days. I'm looking for an area which strikes some personal chimes, and which is obscure enough to allow liberties to be taken with actual history.

No end of possibilities - I could do with having more time.


  1. We could all do with a little more time, I think you could probably get away with all the figures above apart from the TD horses, which look a tad too big??

    1. Hi Ray - yes, I think that's correct. Strangely complicated activity, staring at figures to compare sizes. I can sit and convince myself of just about anything - and then the next day they all look different again!



  2. Tony - late to the post but would I be right in saying that the Tumbling Dice figures are in their 25mm range??

    1. Steve - good grief - I've had a sleep since then. I had a quick look for the contemporary catalogue sheets I had, but they are no more.

      I don't recall them being called 25mm - I think they were just marketed as 1/72 - they seem to be the same figures that are now 25mm, though - I think the nomenclature is just to distinguish them from the WW2 1/76 scale.

      Regards - Tony

    2. LOL.. that picture comparison above is a classic and has proved most useful.. I shall send off for some samples this week...