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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

More New Troops - More Spanish Officers

The recipe is as before, except these fellows are mounted on what in Scotland are traditionally known as "cuddies". The recipe? - something like 80% Jorg Schmaeling, 1% superglue, 19% coffee. If they'd all been destined for the same unit I would have varied the horse colours a bit, but it's not worth the bother at one horse per regiment - no-one will notice. It just means that, in addition to the officers clearly all being brothers, their horses are brothers too.

New Falcatas for June include these

My plans for completing my Spanish army may be about to change again, since Falcata have announced some new General Staff figures for June, plus an assortment of new Peninsular War offerings - including light infantry in bicornes and marching militia in round hats. Oh, well.


  1. More fumbling incompetents to lead their men to doom. :-) I'm personally a fan of the older uniforms of the royal army in white. Officers look good. Hopefully you'll get a militia unit for us to look at in the near future.

  2. They must be brothers; they're all talking over the top of each other!

    Which other manufacturer's figures do you think Falcata fit in with best?

    1. Falcata have varied a little - the original 2006 Spanish line inf & grenadiers are elegant, slim figures which would blend well with HaT etc. Later they have got just a little bigger, an effect which is heightened(!) by the chunky bases. My guerrilla units are a mixture of Qualiticast, Kennington and Falcata, and Falcata are consistently a couple of mm bigger - I compensate by putting them on thinner bases. They are only taller - the heads, hats and guns look OK. The cavalry are a bit taller still - probably 24mm to the scalp, but still easily within acceptable limits for big 20/small 25. Generally, their foot figures are maybe 2mm taller than Kennington, but of similar build.

      Hope that helps - it certainly confused me!