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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

What Angel Did Next

This is pretty certain to be old news, since I would guess it is all over TMP by now, but I am informed by the man behind NapoleoN Miniatures that he has emerged from the garden shed with his new project, Napoleon at War, which looks pretty exciting. It is a book of rules, plus a range of 18mm figures, all available soon. I won't be switching scales just yet, but I shall watch with considerable interest.


  1. hmm I wonder why one would want to command a division of "terrible" cuirassiers? I'd rather have really good ones . Somethings just don't translate well.

  2. Yes, indeed. I read a bit of the About Us page, which explains that they are producing a game system and a comprehensive range of figures, which is exactly how NapoleoN started out. Some bits of the rules, such as the different movement rates when close to the enemy, seem to be straight out of NapoleoN, the use of dice is different, but certainly one big change is NO HEXES! Aha.