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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Corpulence in Wargames

A neglected theme, which is maybe a surprise given the average physical condition of the attendees of the last wargames convention I visited. Maybe we need rules to cover the fact that the second battalion are too out of breath to get up that hill in one move, or that the cuirassiers' horses are struggling to cope with the load?

This officer came to me via eBay, in a rather nice battalion of Minifigs S-Range "Valencia Light Infantry", which were in good enough condition to form the Ligero del Reino de Valencia in my volunteer/militia brigade with very little extra work. The officer illustrated is clearly the correct one for the unit, but is from MF's current range. I rejected him - he does not get a gig in my army, sorry. This is not because I am prejudiced against the circumferentially challenged - not in the slightest - but because he simply doesn't look right among my other troops. If you have a wargame army consisting entirely of Minifigs' current products then I'm sure they look splendid, but out of that context this guy is awful. He isn't going to do a lot of brisk skirmishing, or even retreating at the double quick, is he? You can't tell me this chap has been existing on campaign rations.


  1. Interesting - I've come across the unit before by means of Hats Spanish militia box. Never knew what the officers looked like though.

  2. Don't know where Minifigs came up with a picture of an officer - there's nothing in Bueno - but it looks reasonable. My s-range unit now have an officer who is wearing something more like a normal Spanish uniform, and I made up a drummer from 2 different HaT figures from the box you mention, with an added Musket Miniatures drum from my box of bits. The S-range did not have command figures for the Valencians.