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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Hooptedoodle #28 - Bad Attitude

More nonsense - more staring out of the window. From time to time we get a bad-tempered blackbird in the garden. I guess it's seasonal, and, since it's been going on for a good many years, it can't be the same individual. It must be a blackbird thing.

We have one now. He takes it upon himself to chase and generally intimidate all other living objects in the garden. In case we thought it was our garden, he keeps us aware that it's actually his.

It's not even a productive strategy. I just watched him abandon a good-sized worm in mid tug, and - presumably because something had caught his eye 50 yards away - he flew, screeching, into the wood at the foot of the garden, ready for a scrap. While he was distracted, the thrush that he had previously chased helped itself to the worm.

You know, I think there's maybe a lesson in there somewhere, if I could only think of it.


  1. A worm in beak is worth two in the bush?

  2. Haha I just drove off four squirrels from the balcony recently using Salsa Picante Roja de Cholula (the red) and a bottle of white vinegar.

    I had a bottle of the Salsa Verde Muy Picante Azteca Habanero (the green) in reserve but did not need to use it, and they have not been back.

    I've read that it bothers some birds but not others.

  3. Don - nice one - yes, that's it.

    Mekelnborg - I was idly wondering how you used the salsa on the squirrels - do you throw it at them? - in or out of the bottle? - etc. My wife innocently suggested that maybe you put it on their nuts. The discussion stopped there, since it had caused me to spill my coffee.

  4. Haha it might've, I think some hits one's back near the tail because of his evasive action into it; I was aiming right next to them and into my flower pots that they wanted to use as bunks. They are aggressive and feisty and put up a big fight but the hot sauce was effective and they have not been back.