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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Prof Richard Holmes

I'm really very sorry to learn that Prof Richard Holmes, the military historian and TV presenter, has died at the age of 65. I did not know him, and never met him, but feel I knew something of him from his excellent books.


  1. A fine writer and one who will be much missed. I remember reading and re-reading his "Soldiers - A History of Men in Battle" on holiday in 1991. The section on the Die Hards at Albeura still makes my skin prickle.

  2. Vale Richard Holmes. He was a brilliant writer who managed to blend the lives of the common foot soldier along with the sweeping histories of campaigns and generals.

    I have a personally signed copy of 'Tommy' that my mother bought for me when she went to the last Adelaide Writers' Festival. She probably wouldn't have bothered hearing him speak, except she knew I admired his writing. 'Tommy' and the other 2 books in the 'trilogy' of life in the British army over the last 2 centuries, 'Redcoat' and 'Sahib', I cannot recommend highly enough.

  3. Noble tributes, gentlemen - thank you. "Redcoats" is an absolute classic - Holmes' blend of commonsense with disarmingly boyish enthusiasm was unique, and will be, as you say, badly missed.

    His popular books helped to make the history of warfare interesting and understandable to the uninitiated, yet also provide insight and a sense of proportion to those of us who - unjustifiably, in my case - fancy our chance as "a bit of an expert".

    Thanks, Richard - we shall miss you.