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Friday, 27 May 2011

More of the Same

The rest of the new shipment of painted figures have now been touched and revarnished as necessary and based. They too are now waiting for flags.

Very pleased to get back the first two of my proposed 4 groups of Spanish guerrilla infantry. These are a mixture of Qualiticast and Kennington figures.

More Spanish volunteers - these are the Defensores de Fernando VII, an unusually smart looking unit from Castile, who started life as Kennington 1812 American militia (good idea, Mr Kinch - thanks for that). The flag I had intended to do for them is a horror to draw, so I may go for something simpler.

And some volunteer artillery to support them - here we have the Artilleros Distinguedos de Avila. Since I am very keen on the weirder units in JM Bueno's lovely book, these guys could have been wearing almost anything, but it occurs to me that if I dress them more conservatively as slightly out-of-date artillery of the line I get more options for their use. Figures and guns are NapoleoN apart from the midget Kennington officer, who may not actually be visible in the picture.

Lastly, the combined voltigeurs of the fictitious Vorpommern brigade - Scruby and Higgins.


  1. I've liked all of the new figures but particularly the geurillas. A nice addition!

  2. The Voluntarios are also great! There were many other similar units in Spain, fighting (and running in many occasions) withalong the regular army.

  3. Looking good! I particularly like the guerilla musician. I must start raising my own Spanish army. Irlanda and Ultonia for starters I think.

  4. Thanks, chaps, for supportive reaction!

    Guerrillas - I had an idea about the village idiot banging on a captured French drum, so got a couple of Kennington's 1808 Spanish line drummers painted in a haphazard quasi-military get-up. One of the drummer castings has the left hand missing, which is somehow perfect for what I had in mind (must have been in a film). I meant to look up which of the Heavy Metal bands had a one-armed drummer, but forgot. The next lot of guerrilleros for painting are shaping up - contains a couple of women! [Shock horror].

    I'm also working on refurbing a couple of ancient Minifigs s-range Spanish volunteer units - one is a battalion of the notorious Valencian light troops in kilts - they are in pretty good shape paintwise but I had to improvise command figures, and the previous owner painted eyeballs on them all, which is sufficiently disturbing for me to have to fix it.

  5. The guerrillas in the green vests look about right in the eyes. It's like there is something there, shaded and hooded, without being the goggle-eyed effect.

  6. I am best to go for no eyes - they look more like eyes. People who see the figures will fill in the details for themselves, and they make a better a job of it than I can with paint.

    If anyone can successfully put eyeballs on their 20mm figures then bless them - all credit to them, that's a real skill. I cannot, so I just don't try any more.