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Monday, 11 June 2018

Useful Odds & Ends

Just what you need to keep your games tidy and the kit under control
I have recently bought some purpose-built gaming paraphernalia - a useful dice-tray, and a playing card holder, which are both smarter and more practical than the usual superannuated ashtrays etc that get called into use here at Chateau Foy.

These are nice components - they have a good weight to them - they are foamex, the dice trays are available in a wide range of styles, are lined with felt and have non-slip feet. The composite is available in a number of colours, including all sorts of stone shades. It is also surprisingly quiet in use - your dice will not make much of a rattle!

They are available on eBay - I have no interest in this, by the way, other than the fact that I was pleased with the pieces I bought, which are satisfyingly solid and stable in use, and I found the seller to be a pleasant, helpful chap. Well worth checking out, I think.

The website isn't ready yet, but you'll find a lot of information if you look up
playtrayuk on Facebook

***** Late Edit *****

I got a couple of emails asking for more info about these; I emphasise that I am not connected with the business at all - I'm just a customer - the items are mostly intended for boardgamers, but the seller has a representative selection of his range on eBay here if you wish to have a look.



  1. Very nice Tony, especially the card deck racks, it annoys me when they slide all over the place, I do like a tidy stack!

    1. You certainly can't beat a tidy stack, matron! I was wondering about a special tray for Field of Battle, which would (probably) be square, with a row of 6 small spaces on each of 2 (opposite) sides, to hold the two sets of polyhedral dice (red and blue - lots of parentheses here...) and a large rolling area in the middle.

      I guess there would be a small demand for these, so maybe I should just make one myself out of hardwood! Traditionally I have an alarming collection of old cigar boxes, chocolate tins, Tupperware cracker boxes and even an old letter rack to hold my games bits, so some proper pieces bring elegance as well as efficiency. No - you're right - not like me at all...