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Thursday 13 July 2017

Hooptedoodle #268 - Juveniles in the Woodshed

If you can see them then they can see you - hirundo rustica, as ever was
Just to prove that Nature gets the job done, I have to report that our visiting swallows - clumsy builders though they might be - appear to have produced some chicks. Noisy little beggars, and not exactly beautiful in absolute terms, but possessing a certain rough charm.

Many thanks to the Contesse for the photo - a difficult commission - best we have to date.

Yes, our swallows have laid their eggs on top of an electric lamp. Yes, that is dumb. That's nothing, in about 12 or 13 weeks they have to fly to South Africa. Doesn't bear thinking about.


  1. Perhaps they were hoping to have "in floor heating" if some one threw the switch on for them?

    Our little attic fledglings were learning aerobatics this week.

  2. Clearly your guests have never read the latest IEE Wiring Regulations for external light fittings, but then again why should they?

  3. That's a killer clown grin going on there!