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Monday, 10 July 2017

Fighting Again

French on the near side - they lost the real battle, because General Marchand,
who was depping for Marshal Ney, underestimated the opposition. The Emperor
was not best pleased.
Here I am, still with soot on my face and wet boots from Saturday, and I've got another battle arranged for tomorrow night. The French and the Spaniards will be at it again - the excuse this time is a rematch of the Battle of Tamames, October 1809 - unusually, for me, I've borrowed one of the published scenarios from the Command and Colors user site. I have tweaked it ever so slightly - some minor changes in the OOB, and I have no intention of using the guerrilla rule.

Because my visiting generals are new to C&C, I've gone for an open battlefield, and we'll use the original card set, just to keep things simple and moving along.

If I'm spared, I hope there'll be a few pictures. I can go for months with no wargaming at all, and suddenly I have two within a few days. Can't be bad.


  1. Good luck old fruit. No pressure... but two thrashings in a row will take some explaining!

  2. You'll be fine Tony, just don't let him throw any dice with his left hand!


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