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Friday, 2 June 2017

Vauban Fort - maybe back on again?

This topic has been on and off like the girls' costumes in an old Windmill Theatre revue. Last update was about two years ago - here

As discussed before, I am the proud owner of approximately one half of a Vauban fort - it is nominally in 15mm scale (vertically), but the (horizontal) ground scale seems to be about right with my game scale of one-7-inch-hex-equals-200-paces, so you can work out what that might be if you can be bothered. Whatever it is, it looks very presentable and works nicely for my siege games (such as they are). The fort was made and painted by the old Terrain Warehouse operation (henceforth TW) - this fort, by the way, was once described by Henry Hyde as "the Rolls Royce" of fortress kit in this scale, so you have no need merely to accept my word that it is nicely done.

I have had some adventures over recent years, trying to get more parts for it. TW no longer exist, and the rights and moulds for the fortress were sold to another firm; I had a faltering dialogue with them two years ago, and the suggestion was that it might go back into production some time - not definite - but there was a good chance that they could make up some extra pieces for me.

Then, as so often happens, the line went dead. I have recently been thinking about doing some scratch building to augment the fort - the original production did not extend to gates, and there were a few other obvious bits missing, so scratch building had always been somewhere on the agenda.

Well, I am now back in contact with the current owners - it seems they about to set up a new company to concentrate on MDF and resin buildings, and the fort is a high priority.

We've been here before, of course, but that seems like potentially good news - I am asked to keep in touch - when something more definite develops I'll mention it here.

My original dealings with TW included me sending them some sketches of other pieces they could add to the range - so the garrison could get in and out. The aerial photo shows the original TW kit, the action picture (from 2009 or so) includes additional buildings to make up a fortified town.

Anyway - no news really, but the Windmill girls are once again in a "back on" situation.


  1. I'd be interested for my WSS project so looking forward to hearing more..

  2. But it is a really lovely fort...