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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Hooptedoodle #125 - Penguin Design Flaw

All students of Darwin take note. Also, anyone who ever took comfort from the fact that living up stairs would keep them safe from Daleks, here's a clue how to keep penguins at bay.


  1. The problem with penguins being short changed in the leg department for perambulation on land, is that, so far as I know, the Antarctic is not usually festooned with great quantities of string at penguin-hip height. That natural selection omitted the possibility of someone with a length of baling twine, a camera and a warped sense of humour, is scarcely an argument identifying a design flaw. I dare say we can come up with all sorts of ways to depict, in, of course, amusing fashion, the design flaws of human beings. Come to think on it, this has been done already: Rob Dyrdek has done some work in this area, I believe.

    Mind you, watching penguins think is rather funny.

    1. Agree absolutely - Penguins are pretty handy fellows in their natural environment, which - as you suggest - maybe doesn't require a lot of thought. I hadn't thought about it, but I suppose that Daleks must have evolved perfectly successfully in a world without stairs - Tesco's comes to mind.

      It is only when we take such creatures outside their natural environment that problems arise - which all goes to show something or other.