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Friday, 7 March 2014

Unsung Heroes of Wargaming - Tony Barr

Apart from the high-profile master makers and rule writers, and the great names of Old School wargaming, there are a lot of chaps in the hobby who don't get the credit they are due, I think.

One such is Tony Barr, at East Riding Miniatures, who supplies me with a lot of laser-cut MDF bases, sabots and scenic tiles. His pieces are more accurately made than those of some of his more expensive competitors, his prices are very reasonable, his website is easy to use and well maintained and - above all else - he is helpful and personable and prepared to indulge all the oddballs like me who want weird shapes and custom sizes.

Such a faultless service becomes an easy thing to take for granted, and I am very sorry to learn that Tony has been unwell and in hospital, and will be convalescing for a while. I'm ashamed to say that it is at such times that we remember to appreciate properly the amount of help and support we get from our regular suppliers - I hope you will join me in wishing Tony all the very best for a full recovery.


  1. Have dealt with East Riding Miniatures in the past and received excellent service , I do hope he gets better soon , Tony

  2. Known Tony for years - excellent chap and excellent service.Straight as a die. Hope he learns to relax!

  3. Totally agree.

    Tony is a great bloke who has done much for our hobby. I was saddened to here of his hospitalisation.

    Take some rest mate, don't worry about your customers, we understand.

  4. Great bloke Tony Barr, dealt with him many times and A1 friendly service every time, wouldn't go anywhere else for my bases.. Take time to recover.

    Wishing him all the best,


  5. I'd always had good service from ERM so sorry to hear that. Hope Tony gets better soon.

  6. Don't know him or his company well but I wish him a full and complete recovery. I must make acquaintance with his products.