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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Hooptedoodle #109 - A Special Case

Lack of time to do anything more worthwhile leads me to resort to the cheap YouTube cop-out option again - my apologies.

I don’t watch reality television programmes, of any variety, unless they are exploring the reality of something or someone interesting.

In particular, I detest all TV of the X-Factor type. I don’t find it entertaining, the acts are all poor copies of something which already exists, and almost always completely lacking any spark of originality. More worryingly, I believe that programmes like this add to the post-Lottery, celebrity-obsessed culture which has undermined so many of our society’s precious traditions and values. Most upsetting of all is the rejects heap, where paid and sponsored TV people get to exploit and humiliate the misguided, the deranged and the terminally tone deaf for personal advantage.

However, there are some special cases worthy of exposure…

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