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Saturday, 16 November 2013

More New Troops

A couple of units of town guards or militia - no muskets...
Yesterday the postie brought me a package of newly painted soldiers back from Lee - the customary lovely job. I've been busy getting them based and equipped with flags. With apologies for the poorly set-up pictures, here's a quick view of what's new before they disappear into the storage boxes.

A lot of Real World stuff going on at the moment, so the war-games have been a bit quiet.

More Royalist gallopers - this is Marcus Trevor's Regt

And a small unit of Firelocks for the Royalists - ready to capture Beeston

Different period - meanwhile, in the Peninsula, here is General Pablo Morillo.
The figure is a bit of a rarity from eBay - this is NapoleoN Miniatures'
Spanish general, which, as far as I knew, never made it into production.


  1. Great to see them all based up with pikes and flags added, don't look too shabby in that big close up either! As always it's a pleasure to paint for you Sir, and I thank you for your custom :-)

    Hope things settle down a bit soon and you can return to gaming.


    1. Thanks again, Lee - you realise there is now a risk I am going to have to smarten up the rest of my armies to match your painting!

      No gaming likely for the rest of this month, but I am getting a lot of reading in, and I am lucky in that the Chester trip is still OK for early December. Mustn't gwumble - I am a lucky chap, I know this.

  2. Your Morillo looks very smart! He fought in the Peninsular, in the South American Independence Wars and again in Spain, against the Absolutists in the First Carlist War

    1. The part of Morillo in my Spanish army has been a mystery - I converted a French general and painted him up, and then I lost him. Now I have got a replacement - obtained a NapoleoN figure, and he's painted and ready.

      No doubt the earlier one will now turn up again...

    2. In fact this is the THIRD Morillo, since I once had a very early Rose model of a mounted general (Wellington?) painted to suit, but his horse lost a leg (which is a very old fashioned problem to have - shades of old Britains hollow cast).

  3. More lovely looking units! Is the ECW project nearing completion and if so what's up next?

    1. Hi Ian - interesting question…

      My Phase One objective was to create two armies able to fight decent sized battles, and then to see what was what. Target size was each side to have 8 foot units, 6 of horse, 1 of dragoons with appropriate artillery and generals. I astonished myself by getting to that target in just over a year, so Phase Two is up for grabs at the moment. I spent some time working out how to get some clubmen/militia units, and I seem to have done that as well. I think the cavalry are now up to 7 Royalists, 8 Parliament, and I have now added the Firelocks, and as a background activity I've been picking up unpainted Tumbling Dice and SHQ figures from eBay - I have enough figures now for another 4 Royalist foot units, and 3 units of Covenanters for the other side. At this point all sorts of possibilities present themselves - I could build up a few more Covenanters, who can help out at Marston Moor and so on, but also I could get some highlanders and have a look at Montrose…

      Next step is get the unpainted foot finished, and there are a couple of big siege guns I want to make up - though I have no idea how I'll do sieges at the moment… I went quickly from having no artillery at all to having (potentially) far too much. Once these next units are painted, I'll have a serious look at what Phase Two really is.

      After that? Very odd - I seem to have discovered a source of vintage 1809 Spanish infantry - I suddenly have enough of these to make an alternative (earlier) Spanish, white coated army. Since I had already decided not to do this, I am surprised that I now have enough figures to do it quite easily - not sure where they all arrived from. Actually they are just old stock of Falcata and NapoleoN 20mm that no-one wanted.

      Sorry about windy reply - thinking aloud, really...