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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Hooptedoodle #98 - Steve Topping

As another gentle sign-off for the Summer, here’s a whimsical little clip of the reclusive, little known and seriously underrated English guitarist Steve Topping, of whom I am a fan. It’s pretty, laid back to the point of extinction and almost drowned out by the background noises, which seems to be not untypical of the man, somehow.

Topping is best known for having briefly played with Level 42 around 1988, but (allegedly) he very quickly fell out with Mark King and was replaced by Alan Murphy. On the face of it, as a guitarist’s career move, this is right up there with Oscar Moore leaving the Nat Cole Trio in 1947 to pursue a solo career.

Steve is still around, and his last album project was a beauty.

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