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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Minor League Giveaway - Eggmühl

While sorting out my papers and bits and pieces from my Danube trip, I found that I have a spare copy of the Battlefield Guide for Eggmühl. This is a very nice, A4 sized, illustrated publication, produced by the local tourist organisation in Schierling for the bicentennial in 2009. General editor is Dr Marcus Junkelmann. The battlefield is laid out with numbered information boards, and the guide is designed to enable the visitor to follow the course of the battle (you'll need a car!), but it also contains useful background information.

If I keep it lying around it will get damaged, so I thought someone else might appreciate it. No quiz or anything - please just get in touch, and I'll do some form of random selection on 5th October. To keep the thing reasonable, I'd like to restrict the offer to recorded followers of this blog - so, if you are not a follower and you fancy it, sign up. Bernard and I will only send you junk mail for the rest of your life...

I also have, it seems, a spare copy of the German-language copy of the same publication, so I'll make that available on the same basis. I think I only have 4 German speaking followers, so there might not be quite the same interest level for this one!


  1. At the risk of seeming somewhat greedy, I would really like a chance at this guide. Who knows in the fullness of time I may even pester you for details on doing the trip for myself.


  2. Right, had to get in fast to beat Ray. Do the draw now!

    (If I don't win I'll tell your mum about ULF THE BERSERKER!)

  3. Please sign me up as well, for either language version. Being Flemish, German is just a funny dialect to me :)