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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Hooptedoodle #97 - Never Seen One Like That Before

As a result of my intensive spell of battle board painting, enlivened by the odd self-inflicted setback, I haven't been outside much for a day or two. Today we have a storm warning for tonight, so I am thinking seriously about getting the garden furniture stored out of harm's way, especially our rather world-weary ombrellone. Putting the furniture away brings thoughts of the approaching end of what has been a remarkably fine Summer, but it seems that it has decided that it isn't going to go without a struggle, and today is absolutely lovely again.

A number of things have surpassed themselves this year - the white lilac, the edelweiss, the dandelions(!) and the wasps come to mind, but the most spectacular shows have come late in the season. The butterflies are the best I've ever seen here, and the berries on the whitebeam trees in the wood are fantastic.

Normally, the whitebeam berries are fairly feeble, and are rapidly scoffed by the pigeons, who seem to get some form of serious indigestion from them, to the detriment of any vehicles parked in the driveway. This year the berries are sufficient to ridicule the efforts of mere pigeons - I thought I should take a picture or two, in case I can't remember this, come February.

Buddleia Davidii well past its best, but the Peacock butterflies are
still very grateful, thank you
Just a Scottish garden, but by our standards this really is something a bit unusual.

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