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Friday, 8 March 2013

Hooptedoodle #82 - Disturbing Rumours from London

I was very much concerned to learn that Justin Bieber was taken ill during yesterday's concert at London's O2 Arena, and I am sure that everyone will share my relief in hearing that Mr Bieber was able to continue his show after a brief rest.

A friend of mine who works with a well known international news agency sent me word of some rather worrying rumours which are circulating in connection with this incident. It is suggested that the Metropolitan Police may be searching for this man [pictured below]. This follows recent mention in the press that part of Bieber's stage act coincidently bears a close similarity to the Ritual Death Dance of the Mashco-Piro.

It all goes to show that you really can never be too careful, I think.


  1. My thoughts to are with Mr Beaver at this difficult time...

  2. Thankfully, neither having a television or reading the gutter-press I have no idea what Mr Bubbles is, a singer I assume. I shall stick with Planet Rock or Classic FM as the background to my painting and hope these will remain safe places. :-)

  3. Dear Sir,
    Please stop posting pictures of aforementioned ass wipe Just-one Beaver. Upon seeing the aforementioned little shit splat I came very close do kicking my laptop until his face was no longer recognisable.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Definitely not 'a belieber'

    1. Definitely not a - a - what? Hmmm - perhaps you know more of this than you claim. The man doth protest too much, methinks.


      Cheers - Tony

  4. Sorry about that, I'm so embarrassed. Couldn't he have just let people assume he was American? Instead they probably think its long planned revenge for the Bay City Rollers.

    1. Nothing can ever pay us back fully for the Rollers. I'm depressed now.

  5. For "taken ill", read, "inhaled an unwise amount of expensive white powder through his nose". I join Ross in being full of shame at what juvenile ridiculous beasts, their hour unjointed ly prolonged, slouch from Canada to be born.

    1. I am disappointed at how elderly we all - especially me - seem here. I have never knowingly heard any of JB's music, I am aware that he is some form of pop phenomenon, but the alternative world in which I live is not impacted by him at all. Mindless disapproval would be as silly as mindless adulation (though cheaper).

      I guess he makes a lot of his fans happy, and I guess that is something, and I guess they will all grow out of it fairly soon, which is also something, and he probably earns the Canadian Govt a great deal of tax revenue, and keeps a lot of showbiz journos out of the job queue.

      He may or may not be any more objectionable than the Rollers, or the Osmonds, or even that nice young Sinatra boy have been in their day. I wouldn't really know. The world in which all of these exist(ed) is the world of commercial fashion and media hype, a world which has nothing to do with real art or real values.

      I watch myself for signs that he might irritate me just because I am a 60-something male, which would be just as sad as being attracted if I were a 14-year old female. I would not like to catch myself being that polarised, or that predictable, or that small minded. He will not last, after all. Being annoyed by the fact that he is a creepy little bastard is a different matter altogether, of course. That's quite in order.


  6. Yes, he certainly will not last. My only wonder is what will be his downfall? Oblivion? Drugs? Alcohol? Replacing his girlfriend with a boyfriend? In any event, he has no sustainability as young girls are fickle and time is not on his side. Teens might flock to him since he is a teen, once mid twenties reach him, he'll have younger boys who can act more feminine than he is and his act is over with.

    1. I guess he'll just get timed out, unless he can manage to engineer some personal disaster while the lights are still on.

      Kids, and the media shit-fight that surrounds them, have a shorter and shorter attention span. If anyone gets big enough to be This Year's Thing, then by definition 12 months from now they will be Last Year's Thing, and who wants to be interested in that? The only change in recent times is that we may be talking about This Month's Thing now. There is a lot of Blackberry traffic devoted to keeping everyone updated in real time about things that don't matter much, so I guess obsolescence arrives quicker and more definitively.

      It would, after all, be a poor generation which did not identify it's own icons, though it seems a little sad that little girls have to have male idols who are just like the bigger girls at school they have crushes on - maybe safer that way.

      Since Ross and Mike were being apologetic about JB's Canadian origins, I have to come clean and admit that the Bay City Rollers came from just up the road here - their manager was a potato-merchant from Prestonpans named Tam Paton. In fact, I have some minor personal involvement to reveal - read on if you dare...

      The original Bay City Rollers were actually a pretty good local rock band, until Paton developed his idea for the screaming tartan horror which became (in)famous - most of the original band were sacked, and the replacements were recruited for image rather than talent.

      At one point, since I was actively teaching guitar at the time, I was approached to see if I would teach Eric Manclark a bit of basic music - he had just joined the Rollers and couldn't play at all. Nice lad - very good looking, as you would expect. He said to me "we haven't got much time, just a week - then we have a tour of America". I gave up on that particular challenge. Word is I'd never have got paid anyway, though I might have been all right for a few potatoes.

      Not to worry. They all pass on if you hold your breath long enough.

  7. What garish hat the young man is wearing ! - peraphs he's colour blind ?


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