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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Aaargh! - Blogger Black Hole...

Something strange has happened tonight. I don't spend a lot of time looking at my blog stats, but my total hits count suddenly dropped from 99,600-odd to 34, which seems a bit extreme, and some of the blog features are behaving unpredictably.

Perhaps it will be better tomorrow. Maybe it's in a bad mood. We have to have faith in something.


  1. Maybe its making judgement calls on who counts and who doesn't. I hope its not publishing a list.

  2. This happened to a load of us (like 10,000-odd people worldwide) about three nights ago...it was better/restored in the morning!


  3. Same thing happened to me a couple of days ago but, just as suddenly, it got better!

  4. Thank you for reassuring comments, gentlemen - good to see the fix had such a lasting effect.

    All back to normal this morning - faith will always do the trick - maybe. Prof De Vries kindly emailed to say that Google were removing all self-administered F5 hits from blogs, which would mean this RSI problem would all have been for nothing.

    I was preparing to quietly ignore reaching 100K hits - award myself a small diet coke and say nowt. I confess that it would not have been the same to have to ignore reaching 50 hits instead.

  5. Well I can see 99691 hits, so it looks as though the medicine worked!

    1. Good old Google - how lucky we are to be allowed to share the planet with them. I used to feel the same way about Marks & Spencer until they started using CityLink for deliveries. I'm at a bit of a difficult time of life - it doesn't take a lot to bring on The Trouble.

  6. It's all part of recent cut-backs - one new hit is now worth 2,000 old hits...

  7. Perhaps the hits have gone metric?

  8. Yes - that might be it. If it's true then I want a custom-built keyboard with a huge great F5 button to record Big Hits. I had a perverse whim to zeroise the stats just before I got to 100K, but Google hit me with a pre-emptive strike.

    It's all conceit anyway - affecting indifference is a really serious sign of something-or-other. As a boy, I was (secretly) impressed by the story about Roger Moore turning up at a formal dinner in a sweater, and EVERYONE ELSE went home to change - now that's class (the cretin). I also liked another story about Laurence Harvey - when invited to a showbiz fancy-dress 'do' where everyone had to attend dressed as the person they admired most, he arrived as himself. That's a symptom of something rather different - maybe Harvey was deaf.

    If you are too young to have heard of these people, just nod and move on.

  9. I noticed a wobble recently, but it seems OK now.