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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Historex - the completed figures

Short supplementary post - I have unpacked the completed Historex figures, made a quick inventory and photographed them, and now propose to wrap them up carefully and put them back in the box. These things are frighteningly delicate. Since I do not intend to unpack them again before they go to auction, I thought I should put the pictures up here. Some of the paperwork suggests that there may also be some completed French gun teams, but they must be in the loft. I don't have them, anyway. There are a few Airfix figures included, which look very good too.
I only once attempted a Historex kit - it took me weeks to put together a model of Marshal Massena, on horseback, and I became irritated when it became obvious that the figure had a ridiculously small head. I did finish it, and it sat for years in the back of the display case before it got broken when I was moving house. Whatever, the experience certainly heightened my appreciation of people who are good at this stuff. I remember (with some unease) reading an instruction which advised scraping the back of the (fabric) webbing straps with a knife edge, to encourage them to curl in the correct direction. Far too intricate for me - I am in the Klutz league when it comes to model making.


  1. This is a thoroughly decent thing that you are doing Foy.

  2. Hard to believe that I used to do some of this sort of thing, Segom, Airfix, Rose. Gave it up by the time I was 20, interfered with building wargame armies.

    Kudo's for stepping up to the plate. I have an uncomfortable feeling that this sort of thing is going to be needed more and more often over the next 20 years. Its has me thinking at times about Succession Planning for my own stuff.

  3. Historex have always had a certain Gallic charm, I can only echo Conrad; you are an echt mensch.