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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Hooptedoodle #50 - Armagnac de Montal 1965

That one there's the rarest, the De Montal '65.
I was given two bottles years ago, when my father was alive,
On a very special birthday, and I’ve kept it just that way –
For family celebrations, or when old friends came to stay.

Take out the cork, let's try some, just a little taste,
A drop of something cherished in a world that’s gone to waste.
That scent of ancient sunshine - it's strange to call to mind
That I was still a schoolboy when those grapes were on the vine.

And now there's half a bottle left, it’s hardly used at all;
I was saving it for something, but what I can’t recall.
Hooptedoodle 50? – any lame excuse will do!
Let’s drink it down, have done with it, and buy in something new.

Cheers! - MSF


  1. Good idea! I understand it tastes better when you're alive and well, but can't vouch for that.


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