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Friday, 6 April 2012

More Creeping Elegance - 2o Jaen

"If you can't say anything nice," my grandmother used to say, "then just button it."

Let's get back to safe ground - pictures of toy soldiers should be pretty uncontroversial. Creeping Elegance is my euphemism for that process whereby figures that I don't like very much get gradually replaced. In this particular instance, I had a Spanish Line Infantry unit for which the other ranks were Warrior figures and - while there is nothing instrinsically wrong with Warrior, I hasten to add - I've never been completely happy with them. By some combination of pose and size they don't quite fit in with the rest of my troops, and I've always intended to replace them with the Minifig S-Range SN1s I use for all my Spanish line when I got some.

I've now done it. This is the first part of another push to get the Spanish Army finished. This is the 2nd Regiment of Jaen - formerly a provincial militia unit, but promoted to the Line in 1810. The other ranks are, as mentioned, now SN1s, though the command figures include Kennington Portuguese and the mounted officer is an Art Miniaturen Belgian officer with a new hat (borrowed, I think, from a Minifigs Old Guard bandsman). Yes, their facings are brown - Bueno says so.

The Warrior soldiers have gone away to a new home, where I believe they will serve their new owner well. I am currently basing and finishing off a big batch of Falcata guerrilleros, who will appear here sometime, and there are some 5 or 6 more Line battalions in various stages of preparation. I also have castings set aside for a second foot battery for the Spaniards, and am looking around for more cavalry for them.

Hussars are a no-brainer, so I could certainly add a unit of hussars (any nationality, really), and I really fancy the new Falcata cavalry figures which can be Line Cavalry or Dragoons, though they are maybe a bit 1808 for me - I'm working on that. Once again, I am surprised how little information there is around for what Spanish cavalry looked like in 1810-12.

In the meantime, here are the corrected version of the Segundo Jaen. Fine big bayonets, eh?

This is a later addition to the posting – on the subject of the real Segundo Jaen, here is a tiny piece taken from the Base de Datos sobre las Unidades Militares en la Guerra de la Independencia Española, edited by Col J J Sañudo and published by the Ministerio de Defensa. Here you see what this particular unit is known to have done in 1812 – all the marches, their strength on various dates, their presence at the Battle of Salamanca, the fact that their colonel was Don Francisco Ignacio Cepeda...

A very useful resource indeed.


  1. They look very very nice, you don't get many units with brown cuffs!!

  2. Splendid looking unit there Tony - great to see Minifigs S-range ready for action!


    1. Hey! Old School or what? There will be a few more units like this coming up, but I need to do conversions to produce command figures.

      The new guerrilleros should be ready this weekend, though they'll need flags (hmmm...)

      Cheers - Tony

  3. Foy, you're a spur to my conscience. I must get weaving on my Falcatas.