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Monday, 6 September 2010

Home Brewed Flags - Spain

One thing I enjoy very much is producing my own flags. There are a number of very useful sites on the Internet which offer excellent free flags, but in many instances these are low-res, or not sufficiently detailed, or incorrect in some way. Whatever, I often choose to go my own way.

These are my own work, developed using PaintShop and a few other tools, designed to be printed on good grade computer printer paper. You should use high-res paper treated on one side only (keeps the bulk down). You can also, of course, print them to whatever size you require to suit different figure scales.

Here's an image giving flags for the 5 battalions in Carlos de Espana's division at Salamanca (July 1812). Nothing here is copyright or borrowed from elsewhere. Of course, in a number of cases no-one (not even local museums) knows exactly what flags were carried, so there is a measure of informed guesswork in here - if you have a more reliable version of any of these, please let me know! [Note that the 2nd Princesa did not carry the same hybrid flag known to have been carried by the 1st Princesa...]

If you click on this image and copy the enlarged version, and print the whole thing 73mm high then the flags will be exactly correct for 1/72 or 20mm figures. The green borders are not part of the flags - they are there so you can see the edges (have you tried cutting out a white flag on a white background? - I have!), and the red line in the border is so you can see which way up they should be - red line at the bottom.

If this stuff is useful please let me know - I have plenty more.


  1. Hi Tony, A very nice start to what promises to be a blog full of interesting articles and observations. I look forward to reading about the days when one could purchase Higgins figures freely in the model shops - I opened an original LH pack of figures a few weeks ago, and felt as if I had just uncorked a vintage wine.....!

  2. Hi Iain

    You are very kind, sir - I'm learning as I go along. Yes indeed - I hope to get into lots of dirty stories about the Old Days. I'll attempt to look at the brands of figures in order of a combination of significance and date of availability, which would put Higgins/PMD at the front of the queue, probably followed smartly by Hinton Hunt.

    As for the vintage wine - have you discussed this problem with anyone else?

    Thanks for reading the blog - the only way is up!



  3. Tony,

    What beautiful flags! You have started a delightful blog. I look forward to reading more about your favourite lines of old timey figures. Many of the companies you speak of about were exotic wonders to me as a kid, known only through rare copies of Military Modelling. I was stuck painting Airfix because nothing else existed where I grew up and have only recently been able to finally see such things as Les Higgins figures because thoughtful people like you have blogged about them. My thanks!


  4. Love what you have written and shown so far!

    Best Regards,

    Stokes Schwartz

  5. Hi Tony, I am newly arrived and enjoying a browse. Should I be worried about nodding in agreement over such obscure things?

    I must say, as a sort of random sampler,and period an scale butterfly, the cupboard looks almost alarmingly consistent but absolutely delightful as well.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  6. Hi
    I am also a newly arrived (thanks to Vintage Wargaming blog). I use 1/72 miniatures and I am very interested in your flags.
    Being Spanish myself, I want to thank you for your work. A small indication: "Primero Batallon" is incorrect. I will be "Primer Batallon"
    Thanks again and regards

  7. Hi Rafa

    Thanks very much for that - sorry about the mistake, I'll get it fixed. In fact you can scarcely make out the text in 1/72 scale anyway, so I may leave my own flags unaltered!



  8. Rafa - thanks again - I've fixed the flag image now.