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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The Big Battalions - still available!

Thanks very much for reassuring comments about the blog template - it seems to be OK, so I've removed the emergency posting. This is a small ad for the Big Battalions rule book - Jason Monaghan tells me that they still have stock left. I am not on commission (heaven forfend!), I am merely a fan, and I really do recommend these rules, as a thoroughly entertaining game and as an erudite and amusing discussion of Napoleonic warfare - a good read, and lots of great ideas.

I have no idea of price, but am certain it will be a fraction of the cost of some of the big glossies coming out now (come on - be honest - how do you feel when you are looking for melee factors in a hurry and all you can find are posed art shots of a battle you aren't fighting?). If you are interested, contact Guernsey Wargames Club. Tell them Foy sent you - that should keep them guessing.

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  1. Just wanted to say, from one 'Grumpy Old Napoleonic Wargamer' to another, that your blog is a great read and I have added it to my blog list. I enjoyed the 'Hexes and Heresies' post, quite thought provoking!

    ('Napoleonic Wargames Project' blog)