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Saturday, 26 May 2018

Blogger Misbehaving?

I've seen a couple of posts along this theme. I'm currently having problems with Blog comments. For some subscribers (not all, and I don't understand why) I am not getting email notification of pending comments. I also now realise that these "stealth" pending comments are arriving in my Awaiting Moderation folder in batches - sometimes a while after they were submitted.

Very sorry if you've been affected - I know that Stryker, Jon Freitag, David from Suffolk and one or two others have sent comments which didn't trigger the notification email. I live in hope that Blogger will be fixed soon - I don't think any of us has done anything wrong!

I do try to keep an eye on the pending folder.


  1. Not getting email notificastions myself - possibly a compliance side effect?

  2. Over at Wargames Miscellany, Bob has noted the same issue and several others confirm they are experiencing it too; I suspect TamsinP's view of the likely reason may well turn out to be the smart one. the
    No need for apologies, the only effect is a short delay before my nebulous ramblings are inflicted on the wider blogosphere - no great loss!

  3. It is.. I have the same issue.. with new comments and the pending folder.. I wonder if they've put some wacky GDPR s/w in and it's playing up?

  4. I don't moderate comments, but no longer receive notification emails, no matter who posts. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.


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