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Monday, 21 May 2018

Bavarians - 1/9. LIR ready

King Maximilian's heroes - Oberst Delamotte leads the Ysenburg regiment towards
the front lawn. Some fool parked his car in the wrong century.
Here we go - all based and flagged, this is the 1st Bn of the 9. Linieninfanterieregiment "Graf Von Ysenburg" ready for action on the Danube. I have another two battalions almost ready, and I was holding off to post a photo of all of them, but time is passing and I thought better of it.

The others will be along on the next bus. Two posts for the price of - well, two, I suppose.

These are a bit special - they were painted by the illustrious Count Goya, who - when he is not painting the horrors of war - can apply his skills to turning out some very nice miniatures, as you see. This allows me, now I think about it, to focus my attention on the horrors of war. Anyway, my grateful thanks to the Count - I'm delighted with these fellows.

20mm as it used to be - guilty as charged, Your Honour. The rank and file are Der Kriegsspieler, the mounted officer and the Fahnenjunker are from the old Falcon range, which is now available again from Hagen, and the foot officers and the drummer are Hinton Hunt.

They probably felt a bit conspicuous marching round the garden, being the sole representatives of the VII Corps at present, but some friends will join them shortly, and they were enjoying the sun.


  1. Very pleasing brushwork! The Bavarian uniform is one of my favorites.

  2. That Goya sure can paint - the trees look so realistic! I'm looking forward to seeing more.

  3. Simply stunning in the sun!

    Best Regards,


  4. A fine addition to your collection Tony

  5. A very fine battalion, Foy, and with motor transport too. I can't wait to see the armoured corps.

  6. Always glad to see Bavarian troops, and these ones are splendid!

  7. Lovely toys sir

    All the best. Aly

  8. Thank you, gentlemen, for appreciative comments. The Bavarian project has been ticking along for some weeks now, but it's nice to have some painted output!

  9. Schöne Bayern! Bavarians were my first CoR troops, and using these same Der Kriegspielers castings 45 years ago. They, along with my Scrubys and Hinton Hunts, have since been replaced by Foundry and others, starting in the mid 1990's.