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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

ECW: Another Guest Appearance

In the rather awkward intermission following the (temporary) abandonment of my ECW Siege game, I'm delighted to have been rescued - once again - by the bold Steve Cooney, who sent me some more photos - this time of some rather tasty Parliamentarians (if that is not an oxymoron) from his collection.

These chaps are Sir John Gell's Greycoats - 54 Hinton Hunt figures, many of them converted. Thank you Steve - I thought they were well worth sharing here.

Once upon a time, in my software development days, some of our projects scraped along on a wing and a prayer. One of my colleagues was an amateur actor, and we had a standing joke that the show must go on at all costs - if necessary, we reckoned, we should have the juggler standing by to rush on and fill in the gaps - give the punters something to look at. Thus, if the visiting speaker was showing signs of drying up, or the overhead projector packed in, or the promised test network for the prototype demonstration didn't turn up, someone would do the secret mime of a juggler, and the project team would cheer up on the spot.

My thanks to Steve, then, who on this occasion has passed me a set of juggling balls, just in time!


  1. These look fantastic. I do love a bit of Hinton Hunt, and a lovely unit to boot.

    Loving the juggler thing. I will spread this meme and use it at aerospace supply chain meetings ...and so the virus spreads :)

  2. Excellent looking regiment! Software development; something else we have in common.

  3. Gamely said, Foy. Stunning regiment too.

  4. Having never strayed from their Napoleonic range(s) I wouldn't have recognised these as HH, though maybe worked it out after some examination. They seem much better proportioned then their later brothers, which can only be an advantage.
    Shan't add Gell's regiment to my list of wannado's as I've got enough damn' ECW figures to paint!


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