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Thursday, 12 May 2016

Battle of Alquèzar (May 1813) - set up

I am expecting a visit from a guest general on Saturday – not sure if we’ll have time to have a game, but I’ve set one up, just in case.

This is to be the mythical Battle of Alquèzar (Province of Huesca), which is very loosely based on a published Commands & Colors scenario (for entirely the wrong theatre of war) – a French force commanded by General D’Armagnac is opposed by the Spanish division of Pablo Morillo, with cavalry support.

General view of the field - Spanish Army on your right
French Army (D’Armagnac)

Brigade Thouvenot
4/28e Léger
Chasseurs des Montagnes
4e Vistule
Garde de Paris
Bn Grenadiers Provisoirs
Bn Dragons Provisoirs (à Pied)

Brigade Leberknödel (Duché de Stralsund-Rügen)
2 bns Fusiliers
Jaeger Bn

2 Foot batteries


Brigade D’Abry
13e Cuirassiers
4e & 20e Dragons

Brigade Kleinwinkel
1st & 2nd Stralsund-Rügen Ch/Légers

With all the recent concentration on my white-uniformed 1809 Spaniards, it's
nice to see the late-war boys get a run out - here's the 2nd Mallorca in the foreground
Spanish Army (Morillo)

Brigade O’Donovan
2. Jaen
Vols de la Victoria (Ligero)
2. Princesa

Brigade Conde de Manzaneros
La Union
2. Mallorca
Legion Estremeña (Ligero)

2 Foot batteries


Brigade Ducado de Fernan Nuñez
Coraceros Españoles
Granaderos a Caballo Fernando VII

Brigade Del Roque
Vols de España
Cazadores d’Olivenza
Husares de Estremadura

If my guest does not have time to fight(!), I'll play it as a solo effort - either way, there should be a report here in a few days.



  1. Forward gallant sons of Spain!

    1. You know how it works with the Spaniards in C&CN - 1 step forward, 2 steps back (3 for militia)...

  2. Looks very inviting! How could your guest say no to that piece of art? I could not.

    1. Thanks Jon - it was originally a non-Spanish field, so it is a bit less cluttered than I'm used to! We'll use a cut-down C&C ruleset, so should be able to finish in 150 mins max, including instruction time, so I'm hoping we should be OK.

  3. Leberknödel and Kleinwinkel, Attorneys at Law. Call 800-GOT-HURT. Why have I not heard of these names before?
    Looking forward to the AAR.

    1. These gentlemen are the distinguished staff of the troops of the Duchy of Stralsund-Rügen (or Vorpommern, as the locals insist), one of the lesser-known member states of the Confederation of the Rhine.

      General Leberknödel is named for one of the traditional attractions I used to enjoy when I used to visit Frankfurt with my work - excellent eating house in Textorstraβe, Saxenhausen, called Kanonesteppel. I hope to go back there some time - "General Liver-Dumpling"...

  4. The table looks great - give my regards to your guest!

    1. Will do. What's going on? - a man on the radio has just told me there's an unexploded bomb in your part of the world - good grief - there's no need for that...

    2. No worries Tony - it's the other side of town. Should look spectacular from here if it does go up!