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Monday, 16 November 2015

1809 Spaniards - More Grenadiers

I confess that news of the dreadful events in Paris has left me unable to settle to do very much since Friday, or even concentrate, so as you would notice, but tonight I did manage to complete the other half-battalion of Spanish grenadiers. This combined battalion has contingents from the Reina (2nd) and Africa (6th) regiments, and will be the grenadier presence in my Spanish 1st Division for 1809. If I can get it organised before I change my mind, the plan is for four divisions of infantry, of which the "1st" is actually, confusingly, the second, but that will be explained when I produce my post on the OOBs for the Spanish armies of 1809 and 1812...

The second half-battalion is pretty much like the first, except that it does not include a drummer and does include a mounted commander. If you can make out the facing colours in the photo, Reina are purple and Africa are black - the Africa boys appeared in my previous post.

This unit is complete now - they will not have a flag, though I still need to put the usual magnetic sheet on the underside of the bases and make a 110mm square sabot for them (topped with steel paper). They will then be ready for the box files, which the Contesse feels is a strange end-state for the products of a hobby. However, the more promising news is that when they get to the box file they are ready for a wargame, so I must get something set up in the next week or so to give these chaps a run out - all box-file and no wargaming makes Jose a dull boy, or something like that.


  1. You've got a problem here, Tony: they look at their best when running away.

    Very nicely done.

  2. Fine job you made of them Tony, the flammes look really good.

  3. Forward the grenadiers!

    I must admit to a great feeling of calm that descends when I fill a box file full of toy soldiers. There's a sort of "There, that's finished feeling about it."