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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Mystery Figure - any ideas?

Not a competition, no prizes, but I'd welcome opinions on this chap, if anyone has seen one such before.

In a parcel of figures I was very kindly sent recently, there were a few of these - 20mm, he may be a Napoleonic Spanish cavalryman - double breasted jacket, lapels, he has a carbine hanging at his side, a braided pigtail, and the equipment on his back appears to be a canvas haversack. There is a simple sabretache. I suppose he could be French heavy cavalry from the Revolutionary period.

Sorry my montage photo is not better. The boots have a touch of Hinton Hunt about them, but the face is somehow familiar - I had thoughts of early Warrior, but as far as I know Warrior cavalry always had saddlery attached to the rider. So - just out of interest - I would be grateful for any clues.



Subsequent Edit (1st July): thanks very much for comments - Old John is correct - the figure is Hinton Hunt BN206 - the British Heavy Dragoon 1801-11 - with his plume removed. I'm not sure if the buttons I can see on the upper right lapel have been added as well

BN206's - picture borrowed from eBay


  1. No prize !!

    Not that I can help anyway. Identifying these very early figures is a nightmare not only must you know what the uniform looked like you must also know what the sculptor thought it looked like. Best bet is to look in Blandford or Funcken for something similar.

    If its not actually HH I would wonder about some of the early firms that were copying their castings. Old John would know.


  2. Definitely Hinton Hunt type figure, early Brit Dragoon?, there maybe pic on Hinton Hunter blog
    cheers Old John

  3. Sorry I can't help, but I'd have thought they'd be early Napoleonic, bicorns and pigtails???? Hmmm?