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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

ECW - More Foot Regiments

It's taken me longer than usual to get these finished off and based up, but here are Lord Byron's Regt of Foot [R], with the red flag, and Col Richard Holland's Regt [P], from Manchester.

They are sitting on the board from a vintage-1978 Ariel game I obtained on eBay, just to make a change from the usual utilitarian cork mat.

I regret that the flash has washed out the colours a bit, but you get the idea.


  1. They look great - that map board looks interesting too!

    1. I believe I played the game in the 1970s, but I may be confused by having played "Kingmaker" around then. I realise these two games and periods are not very similar, but I am easily confused.

      The game systems are interesting and the game appears complete. Good so far. The counters are poorly printed, so are hard to read, and sorting out the counters and setting up the start of the game took me over an hour, which - for a 2-hour game - used up all my enthusiasm! So I haven't actually played it yet. I used to have some of those old Avalon Hill type clear plastic counter storage trays that fit in the boxes - I'll have to get one for this. Only source I've found so far is the USA, which would require $28 postage - I'm still looking!

      Cheers - Tony