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Saturday, 22 October 2011

My Peninsular War Spanish Armies (3) - Voluntarios & Guerrilleros

Another hefty parcel arrived from David the Painter. This time, Royal Mail had done it some violence, and a little salvage work was required to repair the damage - no problem in the end.

The shipment included my Lanceros de Castilla and some more guerrilla infantry. As a result, the "irregular" parts of the Spanish Nationalist army are now pretty much complete - which doesn't mean they will not get reinforcements later, of course...

The term "irregular" is a difficult one to apply to the Spanish army, since a lot of volunteer and militia units were included in the regular army in 1810, but here they all are, for a start - Volunteers on the left, Guerrilla troops on the right. Some of these units have appeared in this blog before, as they arrived back from the painter.

Voluntarios - light troops to the front

Don Julian Sanchez and both regiments of his Lanceros de Castilla - still to be fitted with red lance pennons (a job for a quiet evening)

Volunteer artillery

Guerrilleros - four small infantry units, with cavalry at the rear

My next proposed CCN battle should bring all these chaps into confrontation with, amongst others, the untried Pommeranians...


  1. A very creditable force - could I press you to identify the manufacturers?

  2. Indeed yes:

    Voluntarios are 2 units of S-range Minifigs (with improvised command), 1 of NapoleoN and 1 of Kennington American Militia.

    Lanceros are Falcata.

    Artillery are NapoleoN (1808 Spanish) with a Kennington officer.

    Guerrilla cavalry are modified Falcata, infantry are a mix of Qualiticast and Kennington, with a few HaT to make up the numbers.

    All staff figures are modified Kennington (at present).



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