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Monday, 22 January 2018

ECW Wargames Rules - Updated

With sincere and copious thanks to The Jolly Broom Man, for his time and commendable patience in sanity checking, commenting and proof-reading, I am pleased to announce that I now have an updated version of the Rules Booklet, the QRS, the Command Cards and the "Chaunce" Cards for my Commands & Colors based ECW game, which is now up to CC_ECW Ver 2.69, and may be downloaded via the link in the top right hand corner of this screen.

The main changes concern a simplification of the system by which "Rash" units of horse may run out of control. There are some additional cards, so if you already use my cards you may wish to update both sets.

Any problems with the rules, or if you can't get the downloads to work, please let me know. If you do not care for my rules then bless you - thank you for your interest. 


  1. Would you believe it, only this afternoon I printed off a copy of the rule book as somewhere in my head has been luring the idea of using them with a standard distant unit rather than hexes! It's been going round and round in my brain because I'm convinced it can work given a bit of flexibility. My units are far too big for hexes now, I'd need a table 13 feet long and arms like a gorilla, but I do like the rules and the C&C system and the chaunce cards etc. What do you think Tony? is it too far fetched?

    1. Hi Lee - so you're only short of a 13-foot table...?

      I've had a few goes in the past at thinking how to take the hexes out of C&C. Problem comes down to the fact that you need rules for how big is a village or a wood etc, where does it end (which is not too tricky) but things like permitted direction of retreat and also the SPACING (sorry, didn't men to shout there) of units is tricky - you have to define some minimum spacing. What size would your non-existent hexes be...?

      Played Old School type game at Stryker's on Saturday and it was a real blast - great fun - game obviously runs slower than a grid-based game, and is a lot richer in detail, but in the case of C&C I don't think it's the removal of measuring that saves the time - it's the reduced levels of activation (so that only a few units get to do something each turn) and the abstraction in the combat - one dice rule covers about 3 or 4 separate steps in a traditional miniatures game.

      Dunno - I think there's scope for using the C&C combat systems with a gridless system. I've sort of got it into my head that these are not just varieties of the same thing - the C&C game is best suited to big battles where you really don't have time to do all the traditional calcs, and the OS rules are better for a more compact action where the tactical detail becomes more important. Horses for courses.

      Fruit flies like a banana.

    2. That was supposed to say "...one dice ROLL..." by the way...