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Saturday, 7 January 2017

1809 Spaniards - Flagging Effort?

Today I have attached flags to the 5 recent new(ish) battalions of my 1809 Spanish army which were waiting for them. Another small step for mankind - pleased with them, actually.

From left, front row: 1/Cantabria; 1 & 2/Ordenes Militares, all marching into the customary stiff breeze

Back row: 1 & 2/La Corona.

All the rank and file are NapoleoN figures, while the command are a mixture of NapoleoN and Falcata, with a few conversions thrown in.

Good - they are now safely put away in the boxes, ready to fight. I feel an urge to set up a more complete group picture of the state of the Spanish army in the near future. I'll do this.

As for the next painting batches, I am giving some thought to doing two battalions of the Guardias Reales. This will probably break down into two batches - a fussy one with all the command, and then a factory one for the rank and file. This will be the second guard presence in the Reserve Division - I already have the Guardias Walones - the uniform is very similar, but the Reales will be rather scruffier, partly because I shall be the painting service (!) and partly because they will be in blue overalls rather than those dashing high gaiters.


  1. Beautiful troops...and flags, I love this army!

  2. Some rather dashing looking Spaniards you have there Sir!

  3. Tony, you are amassing a fine looking Spanish Army!
    A group photo will be well received.

  4. Foy, your Spaniards are shaping up magnificently. The flags and the mounted officers in particular are brilliant.

  5. These look splendid. I too await the trooping of the colours and royal review asap.

  6. Thank you all gentlemen - work has started on planning a suitable Champs de Mars (or whatever that is in Spanish).

  7. They look splendid, bicornes en masse.


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