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Thursday, 8 December 2016

French Siege Train: A Little Progress

The guns were painted up months ago, but recent diversions in the Real Life Dept have meant that the siege train has been stuck in a siding for a while.

You wish to lose a wall? a bastion, perhaps? These are the boys for you

The first batch of gunners are now painted and ready - I'm pleased with them. As ever, they are finished in my simple old toy soldier style, and the unpretentious little SHQ/Kennington crewmen are absolutely fine for purpose. These are the 3 batteries of 24pdr siege guns (old La Vallière pattern models, as is historically accurate for the French in Spain, though the purist might object to the rather later style of jacket...). The crews for the mortars and howitzers are undercoated and on the bottletops, so they should follow shortly.

The siege train also merits some senior officers to go with it, so I'll see what I can come up with.

Jean-Marie ponders - dolphins? why dolphins?


  1. The Dolphins confused me too. They are there to no good porpoise.

    1. Very glad to see that the part of Mr Kinch's brain responsible for terrible puns has recovered from recent trauma. Nice guns and gunners too, thanks!

  2. Love the painting style and finish here. These look superb.

  3. Grand artillery park with massive siege guns. Nice!

  4. Great guns, Foy, those are magnificent. And many thanks too, for showing off the SHQ gunners. They look very handy indeed.

  5. Looking great...and formidable (in English and french translation)