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Saturday, 1 October 2016

My Own CCN-based rules for the English Civil War

The latest test version of these rules is maintained on Google Docs - if you wish to download them for personal use, these links will get you to the Rules Booklet, a Quick Reference Chart, a Stand of Pikes tracker, the Command Cards and the "Chaunce"Cards.

The last page of each of the card sets is to be printed on the reverse side of the sheets, to provide card backs.

The full Commands & Colors: Napoleonics rules, which are available to download from the GMT Games website, are also useful background reading, and give good worked examples and diagrams.

These rules are still being developed, so I am pleased to receive feedback on any play experience you have with them.

[This post is simply a place-marker, to tidy up some of the chaos in my layouts!]

Current version is 2.69, updated 17th Jan 2018 (one typo fixed 27th Jan 2018) - QRS sheet also now updated in line with Ver 2.69


  1. Thanks for this, I might well use your rules. I recently made myself a small Commands and Colors board for my 15mm Ancients.

    I'll see if my 28mm ECW collection will fit into my 90mm hexes and still look reasonable.

    Thanks again,

    1. Hi Paul - thanks for this - recommend you hold off for a couple of weeks! - once I've updated the Quick Ref Sheet there will be a new version downloadable - that will be Ver.2.65.

      Regards - Tony