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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Hooptedoodle #194a - More of the Same Sort of Thing

No new painted soldiers to show or anything, so here's another in my breathtaking series of Down on the Farm This Week posts, following on from Friday's effort - I find these are useful for keeping the number of hits down.

Around this time each year we get a fine show of these toadies - we think they grow out of rotting tree roots, but when we mow the lawn they disappear until next year. Can't eat them or anything, but there's certainly lots of them.

This is also the week for harvesting and stewing up the fetching Red Love apples - we got a few more this year - probably enough for 3 crumbles. One for tonight and two in the freezer.

Very unusually, we also got some of these in the garden this afternoon - Red-Legged Partridges. We see a lot of pheasants, but these chaps are very uncommon here. I have to explain that the only reason they are here at all this year is because the farm ghillie bought in a load of chicks, and they have just been released from the nursery pens in the last week or so. They are here so they can take their chance, along with the other game fowl, in the big shooting parties which take place on the estate here around Christmas.

Not my sort of thing - on shooting days we usually try to be somewhere else, which would also be a good strategy for a pheasant, I suppose.

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