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Saturday, 11 July 2015

Max Foy's Summer Prize Competition 2015

My new fortress (see previous post) will require some painting, and that got me thinking about the other buildings I have waiting to be painted, and that, in turn, got me thinking about having a bit of a chuck-out, which (and the marketing people despair of me) led me to thinking that someone might like the buildings I'm chucking out. Yes, that's right - I am offering to give away some junk I don't want any more - it's as exciting as that.

Nothing wrong with any of them, all but one are still in the original packets, and they are all good quality, resin, 15mm scale buildings. They were all bought in when I was collecting scenery for my ECW project, though a number will fit in well in European 18th and 19th Century theatres, and they have been carefully stored away. I'm getting rid of them because I have enough buildings now, and because these are really sort of 15mm/10mm scale, which are a tad small for my 20mm figures, even though I deliberately use underscale houses in my wargames.

First off, the prizes - these are all unpainted, and since a photograph of an unpainted resin building in a plastic bag is not very informative, I have substituted the manufacturers' pictures of painted examples where possible, which give a better idea - but please remember, the buildings I am giving away are unpainted. If you want to have a shot at the quiz but don't want the buildings, please say so, and you can be a Category B entry.

Some Hovels 15mm buildings:

1T5 - half-timbered house - there are two of these

2T5 - another half-timbered house - two of these as well

6E5 - European double-fronted Guildhall

9A5 - humped-back stone bridge

9M5 - A-frame peasant's hut - medieval

11M5 - a pair of A-frame hovels

Some JR Miniatures 15mm buildings:

#4106 - Prussian-style Eckhaus

#4012 - Austrian/Bavarian village gatehouse

And one from an unknown maker:

British/Northern European farmhouse/manor house


All right, the Quiz. Here's a photograph which I took myself; it was taken in the early afternoon, on a rather hazy Summer's day in Europe, and I reckon we are facing approximately South-West.

I'd like to know, please, where the photograph was taken - what are we looking at? - and what connection has the picture got with the town of Whitby, in North Yorkshire? I'll judge entries entirely subjectively and unfairly, as always, and will give points for accuracy (based on distance from true location). Bonus points will be given for the Whitby connection, and for humour and additional whizzo facts - an amusing entry which is wide of the mark might well score better than a dead-accurate entry which is, well, dead-boring. There is only one prize - my previous attempt to give a choice of prizes was far too complicated for my poor brain, so the Category A winner will get all of these buildings as a single parcel.

I'll keep the entries open until midnight at the end of 20th July - please send them as comments (which I shall not publish if they are entries) or as emails to the address in my Blogger profile. Only restriction is that I require you to be a regular follower of this blog. Best of luck if you are going to have a go!


Late, late edit: there is an additional clue in the next post...

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  1. ...and, yes, I got an email from Martin, asking if two half-timbered houses equal one timbered house.