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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Home-brewed Flags - Spanish backlog

My 1809 Spanish army has now progressed far enough for the lack of flags to have become an embarrassing bottleneck, so I am obliged to crack on a bit with them. These have been produced, as ever, using my ancient version of PaintShop Pro, and they are intended for my own use, but (as ever) if anyone wants to use them, please feel free - they are non-copyright. The resolution is not brilliant, so they are not recommended for 54mm - if you wish to print them out, click on the image below, save the larger version and print each one at 23mm high for 1/72 scale (I'll leave you to do the arithmetic for other scales!).

The green border is not part of the flag - it is simply to enable me to cut a white flag out of a white sheet of paper. The 1st battalion of the regiment would carry the coronela - the colonel's colour - and the 2nd battalion the sencilla (or ordenanza).

There will be more of these (there had better be!) - what I might describe as an intermittent rush. The queue includes long-overdue flags for the otherwise complete regiments of Africa, Reina, Irlanda, Guardias Walonas, Murcia and a bunch of others - and then there's the cavalry...

Regto de Burgos - coronela
Regto de Burgos - sencilla
Regto de La Corona - coronela
Regto de La Corona - sencilla


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Ray - if I had the patience to use Photoshop with all the knobs and whistles they would be even nicer, but it makes a much bigger job, and at 20mm scale you can't tell the difference!

  2. Nice work on the Spanish flags. These will add completeness to your wonderful Spanish.

    1. Thank you, Jon - completeness is the next big thing we are short of!

    2. Those are mighty colourful, indeed beautiful. May I request a group shot of all current units when presented with their colours? Should look an impressive array so far :)

    3. Hi Lee - you bet! My intention is to draw up a few more flags, and then print them up in a couple of big batches. I hope to get through them in a week or two - I'll feel I've achieved something worthy of a photo by then! Many thanks, my friend - Tony