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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Les Oreilles de Truie

1/17eme Léger, at long last - Les Higgins figures with a few interlopers in the
Command section - Qualiticast and Kennington, and the nonchalant eagle bearer in
the bicorn hat was previously (hush) a Falcata Spaniard...
After much muttering and retouching, and re-correcting of corrections, the first (and probably only) battalion of the 17eme Léger is ready for The Cupboard.

Refinishing these fine fellows has taken a lot of time and a lot of fiddling about – they will henceforth be known, not as “Napoleon’s Incomparables”, nor “Un contre huit”, nor even “Les Chasseurs du Diable”, but as “Les Oreilles de Truie” – the sows’ ears, in commemoration of the fact that they never quite made it into the Silk Purse section.

In fact I’m fairly pleased with them, and am especially pleased that I have finished the beggars. Perhaps at long last I may have learned that touching up a so-so buy on eBay cannot achieve miracles, and that – whether I like the idea or not – a complete paint job from bare metal will almost always give a better result, with probably less effort and certainly a lot less irritation.

Whatever, here they are, and it’s hardly their fault their military career with me got off to a bad start… 


  1. They look darn good to my eyes in this photograph though.

    Best Regards,


    1. Thanks Stokes - that's encouraging…

      The paint job went on for over a week, including a 3-day break when I went away walking. When I get extended jobs like this, I usually store the figures away so they don't get dusty between sessions. Eventually there is a temptation to just leave them unfinished, at the back of a cupboard - but it would nag at me!

      Regards - Tony

  2. Sounds so much better in French!

    They look quite dashing, Foy. You are quite within your rights to be proud of them!

    1. Thank you sir - they are OK - they may find they get a few gritty jobs fighting the guerrilleros, along with the foot dragoons and the Garde de Paris…

      That'll toughen them up - put them on their mettle (as opposed to plastic?).

  3. Looks great. Time to kill some red coats... but where's the voltiguer company?

    1. They will have a contingent of skirmishers in the "converged" unit of voltigeurs I attach to each brigade - also, I couldn't get any suitable figures!

  4. Well done, nice to hear French language!
    Bonjour de France...