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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Help! - World Flag Paper Shortage

This is a sort of cry for help (possibly more of a bleat?). I print my own flags, and for some years I’ve been happily using a single-coated, photographic quality printer paper in 80gsm weight, which is heavy enough to take glue but light enough to be shaped a bit. Because it is single coated (i.e. on one side only) it is distinctively cream on the reverse side. The single coating keeps the weight down.

Anyway, I’ve run out of the stuff. The people in the shop I got it from last time look at me as though I were insane if I ask for it – they have no idea what I’m on about. Even my local print shop – who have done a lot of work for me in the past – can’t get any.

Time, once again, appears to have moved on and left me stranded. Anyone got any brilliant suggestions? All advice will be most welcome…


  1. Sorry, but I'm pulling that face that the people were in the print shop???

    I just use a very good quality computer paper. 1 ream should last you a long time. I've had the same one for well over three years and there's hardly a dent in it.

    1. Ray - thanks for this. My experience with "good quality" computer paper is not great - I have 2 packs on the go at the moment which set me back a bit and were recommended by the people with the funny faces, but the printing is visibly inferior to the old stuff. Armed with your experience I should just try to get some even better stuff.

      Perhaps I could practise a sneer so that I can better sustain my end of the contempt sessions at PC World? That would do it - they produce their dearest pack, and I say "Is that all you've got?"….

      No - I'll crack on with this. Certainly your flags look good. I've had some very iffy results with some of my recent experiments, and I've got to produce a hefty batch of new Spanish stuff, which has to be really bright and crisp.

      The guy in Curry's in Berwick on Tweed said, "No - this is what you want, offering me 250gsm photo paper - would make good cardboard buildings, maybe. Lightweight photo paper unknown up here - maybe it doesn't float up the river very well.