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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Alien Life Form

What are you doing in my garden?

The wet summer last year and the generally odd weather so far this year have had a marked effect on our garden. The most obvious excuse we can offer in our own defence is that there has been reduced opportunity to get out there and do something about it, but the damp has produced changes in the lawn, a lot of moss, almost uncontrollable weed growth and these things, as seen in the photo. The biggest is about 6 inches tall, but they have appeared very quickly, so no-one knows how large they might grow if left to get on with it.

We had a large tree cut down a couple of years ago, and I suspect that these are the result of the root system starting to rot away. Anyway, there's a lot of them (the tree roots, of course, will be under most of the garden) and I've never seen them before.

I don't think we'll be eating them. It's unnerving when your garden turns into a science project. Damp and decay - theme of the month.


  1. How odd? What a strange looking thingymebob!

    1. Latest word is that they might be morel mushrooms - flash-frozen morels from Italy are currently selling for £93 a kilo - holy moly! I still don't think we'll try them, though - beans on toast again here! No, actually - I believe it's baked risotto tonight, but it will be morel-free (or toadstool-free, as you wish).

      Cheers - Tony

  2. We took an old maple tree down three years ago, and for each summer following we've had mushrooms coming up in that spot. I never figured out why until I read this. Of course, it must be the roots decaying.