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Monday, 26 September 2011

Posh New Dice from Canada

Arrived in the mail today - new wooden replacement dice for Commands & Colors: Napoleonics, supplied by Valley Games, of Canada. No, I really didn't need them, but since I was slightly disappointed by the quality of the build-it-yourself dice which come with the game (though I am sure there is nothing wrong with them) I felt I was sort of obliged to get some of these.

Very nice - something pleasing about wooden dice. They are also rather smaller and lighter than the original issue, which may be good news for bayonets. In any case - let's come clean here - I am a bit weird about dice anyway. Love the things.

My picture doesn't really do them justice - I should have dusted them before photographing them, or put them in a less sunny location. Bit of a failure, really.


  1. I dunno, gives a more natural look and feel to the picture. Like they are indeed real object to be touched and rolled and not a sanitized conceptualization.

    Wooden dice are nice. I only have a few. Much better than the cheap plastic things that infest my dice box. Almost wish I had a use for dice with little pictures on them. I could always change my rules again I guess.