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Monday, 5 September 2011


I really wanted a nice picture of a birthday candle app for iPhone, but will make do with a humble little celebration at Versailles

I just realised it's a year since I began this blog. When I started, I had very little idea what I was going to do with it - a situation which has changed very little since then. I have to say I've enjoyed my blogging very much, and I've gained some very real benefits from it. Firstly, I've learned a lot from the comments people have been kind enough to leave and - rather more difficult to explain - I find it invaluable to try to write down my thoughts on a particular topic, since it forces me to address areas of doubt (or at least identify them), and to put my porridge-like ideas into a more linear, coherent form.

I used to have a boss who reckoned that if someone couldn't describe his job to you clearly, then he probably didn't understand it. That's the same sort of idea, I think - when I read the final version of what I think, I'm often surprised!

The institutions of the Hooptedoodles and Foy's preposterous laws almost seem to make sense now - good grief. To all those who have read any part of this outpouring of self-indulgent banality during the last 12 months, I offer my thanks and best wishes. I propose to have a small glass of Armagnac, maybe the '65 De Montal, and I'll drink to your health and happiness. May your varnish dry without bubbles. May your saving throws all be high.

Gentlemen - I thank you.


  1. You're welcome, Happy Blogday. We'd be bored without your efforts. I used to be all the time.

  2. Congratulations ! heres to the next year !.

  3. Wishing you many more Happy Anniversaries!

  4. A belated thank you yourself for the many interesting/amusing/thought provoking and othering posts.

    May we all enjoy many more of them.