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Friday, 20 November 2020

A Quick Visit to the 21st Century, plus a [Qualified] Give-Away

I try to keep an eye on what the 3D-Printing world is up to. I'm already very interested in the scenery possibilities, but figures, at least in scales which are relevant to me, have tended to be a bit lumpen thus far.

I've actually ordered some Napoleonic sample figures from JJG Print 3D - I understand that they have made my figures already, and have posted them - I even have a tracking number, though I have no idea who is the courier, so tracking is difficult. The figures themselves are not expensive, though for a small order the postage is fairly eye-watering - the manufacturer is based in Walcourt, Belgium - close to Charleroi... ["...that man does war honour..."] - very businesslike and polite thus far.

They produce Napoleonics in 10mm, 15mm, 18mm, 22mm and 28mm. I've ordered some 22mm, since that seems the best guess, and since it might just be that 22mm is what the size of figures I collect is called nowadays . We'll see. The figures come without bases - the plates on the website look like computer renderings rather than photos. I am not building up wild hopes here, but it's sensible to have a look at the market every now and then.

The extent of the range is a bit unclear - they have Spanish and French figures illustrated, but there are painted examples which I couldn't find in the pose listing. The sculpture is a little quirky - the drums are about half-size in scale, and the French light infantry gaiters look a bit weird. Anyway, all very interesting.

Topic 2 - Giveaway

I'm trying to cut down the amount of my various collections - not least to make room for my siege scenery, which is beginning to take on a life of its own. One thing that I would be happy to give away is the Second Edition of Piquet's Field of Battle - I am offering the rule book, which has been read (though played very little) but is in pristine condition, plus two packs of the official custom cards, imported from the US at considerable expense. I am getting rid of this lot because I have now bought the 3rd Edition. The existence of a later edition will probably cut down on demand for the one I'm aiming to pass on, but it may as well go to a good home. The 2nd Edition was largely boosted (by its fans) as the best game of its type, so it can hardly have become crap just because there is now an update. If you are interested, send me a comment (which I shall not publish) explaining why you want it and deserve it - I'm looking for a wholehearted effort here, chaps - I seek entertainment, amusement. I am not interested in the fact that your cat has died etc, or you've finished your join-the-dots puzzle book. Some Terms & Conditions:

* I'll keep this open until the start of Saturday 28th November - I shall judge applications in my usual subjective and totally unreasonable manner

* The successful applicant can have the rules and cards free of charge, of course, but, if you are outside the UK, I will probably require you to pay the postage (at cost).

* I'll only accept entries from people who follow my blog regularly, including those who do so by email.

I really can't be bothered trying to sell this on eBay. If you have never tried FoB, or if you have a fancy for a look at a Piquet game, it's an excellent rule set, and worth a go. It's especially good for solo gaming, in case that is an extra attraction. If you like what you see, and are interested in the upgrade, you can now purchase the 3rd Edition from Lancashire Games in the UK. At the time I bought this 2nd Edition, it came from Piquet in the US, and it was an expensive exercise - the postage was astounding.

Them was the days.


  1. I shall watch with interest your thoughts on the prints, there are a number of companies starting to appear producing Historical figures in particular Napoleonic I shall get you some links.
    I would have grabbed FOB 2 if I hadn’t hung on and ordered the new edition 😔

    1. Thanks Graham - links are useful. I'm also very interested in celeb-type figures for my little (1/76 scale?) WSS armies - if anyone produces printable 3D files for nice figures which can be suitable scaled down I may be knocking on your door for advice, bearing gold coins (or chocolate orange minis).

  2. Over the last year or so Tony 3D printed soldiers have come on in leaps and bounds. I saw saw some painted Prussians recently in 15mm scale that looked very good indeed and I commented upon the creases in the uniform and the raised equipment belts etc. Personally, having discovered Tony Bartons wonderful 18mm sculpts the resins still have a long way to go to match them but I have no doubt they will get there in time.

    Do you remember a post you made (few years back?) when 3D printers first began to come to the attention of wargamers? I think it was either yourself or Ian that commented along the lines of 'one day we will be able to print off our own armies'? Next step is fully coloured prints, now that would be a game changer!

    As an aside here, 18 months on or so my own 40mm RHA 3D sculpts look quite chunky with too shallow detail on the braiding etc, so much so that I have abandoned the idea. Expensive lesson learned and I wish I had gone with the original quote for metal sculpts from Steve Barber now.

    1. It's a fascinating area - when I visited Graham C last year, I was impressed how you can scale up or down a given figure, but only to a degree - if you want a really tiny figure, then the larger version needs slightly overscale bayonet etc, so the tiny one is strong enough, and also you have to be careful that the necessary detail doesn't just vanish.

  3. I'll just comment that there is absolutely nothing whatsoever wrong with FoB2; FoB3 has some changes, but the main new parts are the Campaign system and the ECW rules.

    1. Absolutely agree - I certainly hope I did not accidentally imply otherwise - my reason for wishing to move FoB2 along is simply because I have FoB3, and the space in my lockdown garret is getting more cramped as the weeks pass. I didn't have nearly enough room for the promised flik-flaks following the election - this is what I had in mind:

  4. I look forward to your thoughts on the new models. While the 21st Century frankly bemuses me most of the time this is an interesting development.