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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Background Artillery Project - A Gift for Timing

Having only very recently scratched together a more-or-less complete set of limbers for my French artillery - after a great many years spent getting around to it - I am somewhat shaken to receive notification today that Franznap are about to produce artillery train teams and personnel in 1/72 white metal. I had mobilised various cut-and-shut Scruby horses and drivers, refurbished Hinton Hunts - all sorts of things. As you might expect, the Franznap offerings are so beautiful it hurts, certainly blow my limber teams out of the water and into the neighbouring bushes, and - in the numbers that I would have needed - not so very expensive.

Oh well. At least mine are Old School [sniff].


  1. Beautifully proportioned figures. And great poses. Not meaning to rub it in. Just saying. Too good for OS though ;-)

  2. These are realy something worth looking at eh? Lovely sculpts, especially the horses. You've got to admire the work.

    1. They are very nice. Really nice. Much nicer than..... for instance...... [mumble mumble]..... Scruby....

  3. These are excellently sculpted figures. You should get some of these beauties to add to your collection.

  4. Agreed. Lovely castings. And it's not often that one sees horses in miniature with either (correctly) docked or knotted/braided tails either. These almost make we want to get back into Napoleonics.

    Best Regards,


  5. I dunno, looking at them with just a black wash giving them an "antiqued piece of artwork/sculture" I'm not sure they should be painted. A small, antiqued pewter vignette on a polished wood base would be more the thing really.

  6. They do look rather dashing, I think your wallet could well be dented???

  7. Just goes to prove what I've always said - no good will ever come from painting limber teams!!!

  8. They are beautiful and his work is great. I had some Austrian Hussars and their fault was that the swords are too thin and that hands break off. I think that this is the sculptor making too accurately to scale rather than compromising a bit to create the durability we need in a wargames figure.
    The limber hirses look great,nthough rather well bred for pulling a limber!

  9. Like they used to say to me at school, "Don't beat yourself up...that's our job." If you wait and wait, then nothing gets done. Your stuff is great. The pewter model idea is a good one. Alternatively, just get the one and take your time making a masterpiece. Best for 2015

  10. They are brilliant figures. Is FranzNap a European company? There are some cracking good figures coming out of Europe these days. I wouldn't blame you for springing for some.
    All the best in the new year to you and yours, Tony.